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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the balloon ride?

The actual flight time averages between 45 minutes and 1 hour.   The entire ballooning experience, including pre-flight preparation, flight, and post flight pack up & celebration will take approximately 2-1/2 to 3 hours from start to finish.  We typically cover between 4 and 10 miles during the flight.

Can I bring a camera?

We recommend bringing a camera, but please keep in mind Renegade Balloons is not responsible for damage which could result during takeoff or landing.  Each passenger must be able to have their hands free to hold on during the lift off and landing.

What do I wear?

Dress comfortably, as you will be outdoors for most of the excursion.  You must wear closed toe shoes, such as boots or athletic shoes – no sandals or high-heel shoes are permitted.   If you are taking a flight in the morning, we recommend you bring another pair of shoes to change into after the flight due to the dew on the ground – your feet may be wet.

Are there limitations?

Absolutely – YES.  If you are pregnant, had a recent surgery, knee or back issues, or cannot stand up unassisted for at least one hour, we are not able to offer a balloon ride with these conditions.  If you are older than 65 years of age, please let us know ahead of time so we can discuss the details of a flight and the physical requirements to ensure you are able to complete them.   We require you to climb unassisted in and out of the basket, and at times the landing can be bumpy.  There are no doors or seats in the basket.   Anyone with a doctor’s limitation should contact your physician prior to booking.  We consider your safety first.
Please do not be alarmed when we question your total weight of the passengers.   This information is required based on the outside temperature and how much weight we are allowed to safely take up.

Can I purchase a ride for a 5 year old?

Our minimum age requirement is 10 years old and be at least 48” tall.  We have experienced that younger children lose interest after 30 minutes and we want to make sure they are tall enough to see over the basket.
Any passenger under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver and accompany them on the flight.

What is the flight like?

Once the balloon is inflated, we will fly from ground level to a couple thousand feet above the ground, depending on the wind direction and speed.  The sensation will be like you are floating, and is peaceful, other than the sound of the burner.   The pilot uses the winds at different altitudes to help navigate the direction of the flight.

Why do balloons fly in the early morning and evening?

Winds are generally most favorable the first hours after sunrise and the last hours before sunset.  The sun’s uneven heating of the earth’s surface causes strong, variable winds.  In the morning, it takes a few hours for the sun to heat the earth’s surface enough to generate the thermal activity that creates wind.  In the evening, the sun’s intensity has diminished enough to reduce winds to acceptable flight levels. Ideal winds for a balloon flight are 3 to 6 mph.

How do I get back to my car?

There will be an experienced chase crew vehicle that follows our balloon for the entire duration of the flight.   Once landed, the Renegade Balloon chase crew will drive you back to our original meeting place.

What is considered good weather for a balloon flight?

We use several forecast models and personal observations before giving the okay for flight.  The best flying conditions include surface winds below 8 mph for the flight, and winds up to 1,500 feet above the surface at or below 15 mph.  We are restricted from flying in fog, and will cancel if thunderstorms are within 100 miles of our flight location.  Rain showers in the local area, excessive heat, and fronts moving through the area may also cause us to postpone the flight.

What happens if I need to cancel my flight or weather requires the flight to be postponed?

If you need to cancel your flight, it must be done no later than 48 hours prior to your scheduled meeting date and time.  Cancelling within 48 hours of the scheduled flight time will cause forfeiture of the deposit, and we reserve the right not to reschedule the flight.  If the flight is delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather, we will contact you to reschedule another date and time.

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